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Sleeping on a mattress by Carpe Diem Beds of Sweden

Your bed affects your sleep

In a bed that’s too hard, there is no flexibility, regardless of how it is built. Your muscles can’t relax, subjecting them to an uneven load. There will be a lot of pressure on your shoulders and hips and you’ll turn over several times during the night, increasing the risk of you waking up.

The muscles ‘tense up’ the body, creating an ergonomic and orthopaedic position, but it can harm your body if your muscles aren’t getting any rest and your protruding parts are being subjected to significantly higher pressure.

If your bed is too soft, a curve is created in the opposite direction, which causes other muscles to remain tense. It’s also difficult for young people to turn over, which can result in them waking up several times during the night.

If your bed is just right, it will create the perfect circumstances for your body to relax. If, therefore, the bed is built in such a way that affords good flexibility and less pressure on your protruding parts, you will lie more still and sleep better.

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