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Our Solö headboard is an available option for all our beds in our standard fabrics and in all standard widths from Twin size to King size. The robust headboards are made from Swedish hardwood and are cushioned for comfort. The Solö is, just like our beds, built by our talented craftsmen and is swan eco-labeled.

The recommended headboard height for the Härmanö, Kornö, Malö and the Koster is 107 cm, 120 cm for the Skaftö, and for all other beds, 115 cm.

Swan Eco label environmentally approved


Our newest, most majestic and most exclusive Bornö headboard is now available as an option with all our double beds.

The scalloped face of Bornö brings a majestic and luxurious look to your bedroom. The sturdy headboard is made from Swedish pine, padded with polyester, and is buttoned in a symmetrical pattern. Bornö is available in all eight of Carpe Diem's standard fabrics and in widths of 160 cm, 180 cm and 210 cm. Height 120 cm and depth 15 cm.

Just like our beds, Bornö is produced by our skilled craftsmen and carries the Nordic Ecolabel.

Bornö with headboard