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Saltö Mattress


The wonderful Saltö has all of our well tested technology that makes our beds so comfortable, with a pocket over pocket spring system, that provides the best possible comfort and rest for your body. Saltö is fully adjustable, so that you may position your body exactly the way you want it to follow your every movements.

When we developed the Saltö, we fulfilled our ambition of creating an adjustable bed with specific comfort. Saltö, relaxation that any member of a family can enjoy.

The bed is offered with an attached handheld control and is available with wireless remote control.

Saltö Bed Facts

Exclusive top mattress:

The Exclusive is a stretch surfaced, pliable top mattress with a soft cotton-filled summer side, a New Zealand wool-filled winter side and natural latex in the middle. Luxurious year round comfort. Height 9 cm. (3.5")


Our beds come in eight different standard colours: Beige, light gray, dark gray, dark brown, black, Luxury light gray, Luxury dark gray and Luxury black.

You choose the material you want for your Carpe Diem bed.

Saltö Mattress Fabrics Pallet

Cross Section

1. Exclusive top mattress with one side filled with certified New Zealand wool and the other with soft cotton.

   1a. Soft cotton

   1b. Latex

   1c. Certified New Zealand wool

2. Natural latex

3. Transverse pocket spring system 13 cm (5.1")

4. Patent Pending bottom segment

5. Longitudinal pocket spring system 9 cm (3.5")

6. Mobility safety system

7. Wooden frame in fine Swedish pine from sustainable forests


Height incl. top mattress: 52 cm (20.4")

Recommended leg height: 13 cm (5.1")

An Illustration Inside the Saltö Mattress






Width cm




Length cm




*Custom Sizes Available