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Sleepless in America: Beds Go High-Tech

With Americans spending about one-third of their lives asleep, mattress companies are starting to realize that your bed is big business.

In the past, finding a mattress was simple. There were only three options: soft, medium or firm. But now, mattress companies are upping the ante in price and selection.

"Today's fabric incorporates gold and silver and copper and soy and hemp and bamboo, as well as natural woven materials in the mattress such as wool and silk and cashmere and horsehair and many other of the synthetic products such as visco-memory foam," Rob Naboicheck of the International Sleep Product Association told "Good Morning America Weekend Edition."

Translation: Your bed has gone high-tech.

While memory foam absorbs motion, coils give more bounce to your mattress.

But handmade extra coils will cost you from $10,000 to $25,000, causing some consumers to opt for financing their bed rather than paying for it all at once.

According to John O'Connell, a senior vice president at 1-800-MATTRESS, consumers' increased interest in health is driving the trend.

"There's more and more interest in health conscience," O'Connell said. "Consumers are more interested in health, so a lot of the manufactures and supplies are starting to better understand the technologies and the products to supply the customers with what they are looking for."

Sometimes that technology literally is out of this world. NASA developed body-contouring memory foam, which can cushion better than traditional versions by molding to your every curve.

High-Tech Options

According to Popular Science editor in chief Mark Jannot, the new technology of mattresses does make a difference in that they give your body more and better support. These are some of your options.

Tempurpedic Grand

Price (for a Queen-Sized Mattress): $5,500

This mattress uses memory foam, which means the bed has no springs. The foam technology was originally developed by NASA to keep astronauts safe up in space. The mattress is made up of billions of tiny bubbles engineered so that they resist being pressed down or pushed in. When you lay on it, the foam forms around your body and fits to your exact curves. It even responds to your body heat.

Sleep Number 7000

Price: $2,500

This bed is basically a very high-tech air mattress. On the top it has 13 inches of thick, comfortable padding. Air pockets lie underneath the padding, supporting it. The air pockets can be adjusted for firmness. You can also adjust just one side.

Dux Revolution

Price: $8,000

The firmness of the Dux mattress can also be tailored with cranks. What makes it different is that the firmness of small sections of the mattress can be adjusted.

Hollandia Gravity Zero Vision

Price: $30,000-50,000

This is the Rolls Royce of all beds. It has a massage system and speakers in the mattress. The height of various parts of the bed can be adjusted. Customers can even pick the fiber of the mattress.

More Mattress Buying Tips

Never Pay Full Price.

You can often get 10 to 20 percent off the price quoted at the showroom or on the phone. If you're spending more than $500 on the mattress, it should come with a free frame and delivery.

Take Your Partner With You.

This is one item you should both shop for. What you like, your spouse may hate. You should both lie down on the mattresses for 15 minutes each before making a decision.

Replace Your Mattress Every Eight Years.

Just because it looks OK doesn't mean that you're getting the best support. Mattresses are like running shoes: You might think they still feel comfortable, but the support is gone.